Writing Markup

(100 points)


These writing markup labs will be used as a way to build up your skills as an online writer in terms of the rhetorical cannon of delivery. Our goal is not become experts or even web developers but to learn mark up to become “dangerous” around web pages. Hopefully along the way, you’ll begin to see what, how, and why HTML5 works the way it does and feel like anyone can do it!

Getting Started

We’ll learn how to create a simple web page using a text editor. If you are a Windows user, Notepad (if you are a Mac user, TextWrangler).  There are two steps:

  • creating the actual file
  • previewing it in a browser.

See the schedule for the deadline on completing these exercises.

We will be talking about these labs in more detail of course, but a couple of things for now to keep in mind:

  • There might be some bumps along the way! Fail forward, fail often, fail productively! I’ve used this before so I know that it works.
  • If you follow the instructions and are comfortable working through these things on your own, you can progress at your own pace on these exercises. Heck, some of you might be able to finish this in one sitting.
  • Need help getting a basic CSS file template? Try looking at Little Boxes. Remember to grab the full CSS template.


  1. Numerous files submitted through moodle


  • various, usually a HTML or CSS page